Wrapped Jasper - Unakite Necklace, Courtesy of One Thirty One

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Jasper - Unakite heals the emotional self. It balances the emotional self with the spiritual and mental self. Clears away emotional energy blockages from past hidden emotions, which aids physical and emotional healing. This triggers the experience of self-growth with a new confidence to encourage one to live in the present and allows them to become more centered. Unakite encourages self-love. It helps one to see the beauty behind their flaws, along with the flaws of others. This allows for one to openly radiate love, which then attracts love from others. It fills one with an unconditional bond of love for all inhabitants of Earth, which signifies “what comes together belongs together”. It promotes peace, connection and reunion. Heart Chakra.


Crystal is wrapped in copper with leather necklace.

approximate sizes:

option one: 2.5"x1"x1"

option two: 2.25"x1"x.75"


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