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We are two years old and we want to giveaway a shirt a day for the weekend!

Contest Rules
  1. Follow @takemyhand_now on Instagram.

  2. #SelfLoveSquad. Post an image of yourself in Take My Hand merchandise on your instastories or timeline & tag @takemyhand_now.

  3. Future customers. Repost an image from the @takemyhand_now page to your instastories or timeline & tag @takemyhand_now.

  4. Wait for a DM confirming post/repost & tag.


Your choice of "message to self" t-shirt.

"i love you" "you matter" "you are worthy"

"self-love is the best love"


ONE WINNER per day!

Friday! Saturday! Sunday!

Winners will be chosen the following day at noon.

The Take My Hand Store logo. message to self collection. wrapped crystal jewelry. affirmation poster. artwork. greeting cards. magnets. buttons. stickers.
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