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The I LOVE YOU message redirects your attention to the present moment (the here and now!) and lets you focus on what is happening right in front of you. Forgive. Forget. Then move on. I love you gives you permission to fiercely embrace the beauty that exists within. It is the ultimate term of endearment.


The YOU MATTER tee derives its inspiration from the definition itself. It  implies the importance or significance of one's existence. Simply put its essence is a human concept signifying design and purpose!


The YOU ARE WORTHY message evokes an internal awareness that you have self-respect and deserve respect from others. Time, space, and your life are invaluable to your existence. Proving your worth to others is not the assignment. You embrace your flaws and exude an inner peace that carries you throughout the journey. 


The SELF-LOVE IS THE BEST LOVE message rejects instant gratification. Self-love means giving yourself what your body, brain, and soul needs for the marathon that is life. Self-love is the practice of nourishing yourself. It's not pompous or arrogant, it is self preservation.


11 oz mugs with glossy exterior! C-curved handle for an easy comfort grip.

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