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When you did what you did...
The timing of your sacrifice,
for allowing God to use you!

I remember the first time I couldn't pay my rent... I remember begging for people to support my businessess... I remember the first time I slept in my car... I remember the first time I wanted to eat and could't afford it... I remember sleeping on a cold floor, in the dark, with no running water... And... And having to go to Bank of America the next day like nothing was wrong... I hid stuff well...

When you did what you did, I NEEDED YOU more than I ever told... You kept my water on... You fed me when my account was in the negative and no food in the house... You prayed for me we I couldn't pray for myself because of lack of faith... You showed me that I can fight because I'm your daughter and it's in my blood... The first time I was homeless, you gave me a place to live... Throughout my recovery, you gave me an incredibly comfortable weekend hideaway... When I didn't have any food or money, you took me to the grocery store so I could eat... When I told you I had a problem, you listened... When I was at my lowest, you reminded me that gold will fuse my brokenness... You are the reason I'm into crystals... You are the reason I was able to use art therapy to heal... And... When I was oversharing on Facebook, you gave me a safe place to not be ok... And you are still providing that space and it's full of love, support, and sage advice... I will NEVER regret the decision I made to attend Spelman... She's still being SO GOOD the me!

No matter the sacrifice,


Dr. Jihan + Masood Abdul-Haqq

Chase Alford

Samantha + Shalonda Armstrong

Tamika Brady

Hazel Brashears

 Justin Brisco

Tenisha Bryant

Lynnette & Ulysses Brown, Jr

Deborah + James Butler

Christin Carr 

Dr. Flojaune + Taureen Cofer

Estee Dillard

Ashley + Robert Douglas, Sr

Chantell + Herbert Gilliam, Jr

Ashley Graves

Tynea Handy

Angela Hall

Adena Hill

André Johnson

James Johnson,Sr

J. Avielle + Jeff Johnson

Makala Jackson

Witni Jackson

Jennifer Jossell

Kristie King

Kristin Kelly

Vanessa Love

Christian + Chris Murphy

Iyanna Newborn

Shaquana Newman

Chuckena Olgesby

Shanika Oglesby

Asha + Byson Palmer

Jackie Palmer

Kayla Parker

Kennedi Parker

NaSasha Parker

Nija Parker

Natasha Patterson

Kyra Plair

Charnika Plenty

Dani + Moya Sanders

Takeria + Kyle Tarver 

LaTanya Robinson

Brittany Watts

Jamie + Teddy Weng

Leslie White

Yolanda Wilkins


Every friend JD shared with me

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