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Anyone could have donated money...
I don't believe that. It takes a beautiful soul to make a financial sacrifice...
And you are that beautiful soul!

While I was fighting for my life, my mother handled the bulk of my financial responsibilities... And we all know, bearing the full financial burden of another adult is difficult...  

You helped more than I could ever say! You are the reason I was able to learn martial arts... You are the reason I could attend my ten year college reunion... You are the reason I was able to bike to heal... You sent me money to eat when I was too afraid to ask... You gave me an escape when I needed it... You are the reason I know Teddy... You are the reason I was able to lyft around town... You allowed me to pay my rent on an alternate schedule...

No matter the sacrifice,


Karen + Chuck Abbott

Chara Batty

Whitney Bond

Carolyn Bruce​

Tiffany + Lynnette Brunson

James Burley

Rev. Tori Butler

Crystal Blue, Little Five, Atlanta

Perisha + Jeremy Dixon

Elite Academy of Martial Arts

Karin Evans

G.G. Soulfood Kitchen

Janelle Jamerson

Robin + Bashiru Kamara

Dr. Montoya LaFrance

Tiphany Lee-Allen​

Gloria Little

Morehouse College, Class of 2007

Ossie Mitchell

Stacey McClurkin

Timothy Megginson

Nelson Moody

Dawn Nicole

​Andromeda Oatis

LaTasha Ray

Dr. Nikky Shotwell

Spelman College, Class of 2007

Camille Sutton

Alnisa Thomas

Amburly Toole

Rah's Twisted Kitchen

Jasmine Walden

Rev. Dr. Beryl Whipple

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